UN agencies in Finland in solidarity with LGBTIQ+ community

Pride 2020 promokuva


The United Nations’ organizations and agencies in Finland express their support to the LGBTIQ+ community. We are committed to human rights for all. Our fundamental values are equality and non-discrimination.

As we fight against the global COVID-19 pandemic, we must not forget the LGBTIQ+ issues. LGBTIQ+ populations face unique protection challenges amid this crisis, for example an increased risk of violence and mental health concerns and heightened vulnerability in relation to social assistance. Yet all too often, LGBTIQ+ people are not mentioned alongside other vulnerable groups in COVID-19 policies and response mechanisms. It is up to everyone to call and act for change.

We would like to send a message of solidarity to the LGBTIQ+ community. We wish everyone a meaningful Pride week that supports the change towards realizing human rights for all.

UN Association of Finland
International Organization for Migration in Finland (confirmed)
UN Development Programme in Finland
Finnish Refugee Council CONFIRMED
Väestöliitto (the Family Federation of Finland) (confirmed)
Finnish National Committee for UNICEF