The Finnish Refugee Council supports the inclusion of immigrants who have just arrived in Finland as well as those who have lived in the country for a longer period of time. Our goal is an equal and inclusive working life and a socially, economically, ecologically, and humanely sustainable society.

Training courses and mentoring for jobseekers, information and support for employers

FRC’s Sauma Function brings together employers and immigrant jobseekers. We provide mentoring and training courses tailored to the needs of jobseekers. We offer support for companies by participating in recruitment processes as well as assisting in orientation and adaptation to Finnish working life. Our goal is to support creating sustainable employment and diverse work communities. 

Sign up for Sauma working life training courses here. Please note that you must have basic Finnish language skills to participate in the training. 

More information on Sauma webpage

Inquiries about working life partnerships and mentoring: 
Bengü Tanrikulu, specialist, education and employment, tel. +358 44 774 6153 
Janina Vesala, specialist, education and employment, tel. +358 44 734 9297 
Ulla Tarkka, adviser, Sauma Career training (on parental leave) 

Preventing labor exploitation and guidance for victims

The aim of Fair Labor function is to prevent labor exploitation in Finland and to support victims of labor exploitation to access support services available for them. Our activities are nationwide and funded by STEA.

We organize info sessions in collaboration with trade unions, refugee centers and multicultural organizations. During these info sessions, we raise awareness on issues such as workers’ rights, the role of trade unions, permits and support services available for victims of labor exploitation.

In addition, the project provides consultation and guidance primarily for immigrants and asylum seekers in Finnish, English, Arabic and Dari.

You can find more information on the function’s webpage.

Shenäh Räzabi, Specialist, Prevention of Labour Exploitation (Finnish, English, Dari, Kurdi, Persian), tel: 044 742 9207


Developing learning material for Multilingual Civic Orientation courses

In a joint project between FRC and the Finnish National Agency for Education, we are updating the learning material for Multilingual Civic Orientation in Finnish and transforming the content into the form of an online learning platform. 
Civic Orientation is a training provided in a person’s own language to support early integration, and it will become a statutory service provided by municipalities as the new Integration Act comes into force in 2025. The aim is that those new to the country, regardless of the reason for immigration, will receive key information about the Finnish society early on in a language they can understand. 
The project is co-funded by the EU’s Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund (AMIF). More information on the Civic Orientation website (only in Finnish). 
Anni Harmaala, Specialist, Civic Orientation,, t. 044 768 9605  
Lilli Rasilainen, Senior Specialist, Finnish National Agency for Education,, t. 0295 331 373