The Finnish Refugee Council is committed to abide by the highest standards of legal and ethical conduct in Finland and overseas. Our activities are guided by our values, which are fairness, engagement, equality, transparency and responsibility.

FRC welcomes all feedback and responds constructively to complaints from the communities and target groups it serves, its partner organisations, its supporters/donors, the general public, and official bodies. We are committed to improving the quality of our operations, reinforcing trust and confidence among our stakeholders, identifying areas of work in need of improvement, and ensuring that feedback received is utilised as effectively as possible.

All complaints and constructive feedback will be taken seriously, especially when regarding unethical behaviour or misconduct. All complaints will be handled with utmost confidentiality, impartially and as promptly as possible given the nature and complexity of the matter.

Adhering to the highest standard of accountability is a priority for FRC. Therefore, we have a dedicated channel for reporting unethical behaviour, abuse or other kind of misconduct. The channel is designed especially for those who are participating in and/or benefitting from FRC’s interventions. The person making a report can be, for instance, a member of civil society, a member of FRC’s or its partner organisation’s staff, a beneficiary of a project/activity, any partner of FRC or a member of such partner’s staff, or another relevant stakeholder such as a contractor or a national authority.

Any attempt to commit fraud or other unethical acts by a staff member, volunteer, supplier, contractor, implementing partner or their employee, or representative of FRC, will be dealt with seriously.

Through the reporting channel outlined on this page, one may report any unethical behaviour or misconduct they have experienced, witnessed or discovered being committed by a person affiliated with FRC.

How to report?

Reporting is always relevant when there is suspicion of unethical behaviour or misconduct. In order to investigate incidents, it is highly important that the incident is described in as much detail as possible. The report should include the following information:

  • the name and contact details of the individual making the report
  • a detailed description of the incident, including time and place
  • who was involved in the incident, and who else might be impacted by it
  • which FRC’s activity/country of operation/person does the incident concern?

Anonymous reports can be made, though they are discouraged, since they may be more difficult to investigate. Furthermore, in cases of anonymous reports, we will not be able to inform the reporter of the progress of the investigation. We strongly encourage to include one’s name and contact details in all reports, as all personal information will be handled with utmost confidentiality. Anyone making a report will always be treated respectfully, and their protection will be ensured by absolute confidentiality in handling the report.

This reporting channel is not to be used for false purposes, such as making groundless claims with the intention to deliberately harm another individual or organisation.

Reports can be submitted via the contact information below, or directly to an FRC staff member.

Contact details:

Complaints Uganda
Finnish Refugee Council, Plot 8284 Tomusange Close, Muyenga, P. O. Box 24526 Kampala, Uganda

Complaints Myanmar
Finnish Refugee Council, No. 11, 4th Floor, Kan Road (the Royal White Elephant Hotel), Hlaing Township, Yangon, Myanmar

Complaints Finland
Finnish Refugee Council, Elimäenkatu 15, 00510 Helsinki, Finland

Complaints Ethiopia
Finnish Refugee Council, Kirkos Sub City, Woreda 02, Degafie building 3rd Floor House No. 226, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia