In all its activities, the Finnish Refugee Council complies with laws, guidelines, regulations and the ethical principles that guide its activities. The ethical and correctness of our activities is of particular importance to us. In order to promote an open, transparent and safe culture, we have a separate whistleblowing channel. The introduction of the Whistleblower Protection Act and the European Union’s Whistleblower Protection Directive are the basis for the introduction of the Whistleblower Reporting System.  

We take seriously all reports made and constructive feedback, especially when they concern unethical behaviour and abuse. The channel is specifically intended for those who are directly involved in and/or benefit from the FRC’s activities. For example, a whistleblower may be a member of civil society, an employee of FRC or a partner organisation, a beneficiary of a project/project/activity, a partner or a member of their staff, or another stakeholder such as a contractor or a national authority.   

We take very seriously any attempts by staff members, volunteers, suppliers, contractors, implementing partners, their employees and agents acting on behalf of FRC to commit fraud or act unethically. 


How to report?  

FRC uses the First Whistle reporting channel to receive reports of irregularities. This is a secure and confidential way to report perceived or suspected abuse or other inappropriate activity. The channel is implemented in such a way that the whistleblower cannot be identified if the whistleblower wishes to report anonymously.  

A report can be made on the basis of suspicion and without any actual evidence, as long as it is made honestly and in good faith. The whistleblowing channel should not be used for improper purposes, such as intentionally causing unjustified harm to another person or organisation.  

It is preferable for a FRC’s employee to raise his or her own concerns or suspicions with his or her supervisor or management in the first instance. If discussion does not feel like a good option or does not work, you can always use this channel to report the matter. 


Handling of report 

All reports will be treated confidentially and the data contained in the report will be subject to data protection legislation. Confidentiality also applies when the identity is brought up by the Reporter. Please read FRC’s Privacy Statement here.  

Reports are processed only by designated FRC’s focal points. If a report concerns one of the focal points, the focal point will not be involved in the processing and investigation of the case.   

Once received, we will acknowledge receipt of your report within 10 days. If necessary, we will ask you for further information during the investigation. This step will also be done through the channel, in confidence and, if necessary, anonymously. We will inform you of the outcome of the investigation via the channel within 60 days of the submission of the notification at the latest.  

At the end of the reporting process, you will receive a personal code to track the progress of the report.  

If you have filed a report and lose the case code, please file a new report referring to your original report. This will allow us to continue the investigation in cooperation with you. 

You can report here.