The Finnish Refugee Council works to promote inter-community relationships between different population groups and helps immigrants adjust to their new living environments and neighbourhoods. We prevent the escalation of tensions in inter-population relations and restrain the emergence of housing and neighborhood-related conflicts.

Practical information related to housing

One of the key challenges for the integration of immigrants is the timely availability of practical information on housing. Without information, migrants will not only find it difficult to adapt to their new living environment, but also the risk of tensions and conflicts rising between immigrants and locals rises.

The Finnish Refugee Council (FRC) develops and produces technical information on housing in different languages, for example in the form of videos and brochures. In co-operation with the housing sector, FRC distributes materials to housing associations. In addition, FRC actively advises on issues related to multicultural housing. Find videos in different languages here.

The project is supported by funding from the Council of Europe Development Bank.