Making Finland feel like home

Moving to a new country is always challenging, but can be particularly so if you have a difficult past.

The Finnish Refugee Council works with all kinds of migrants and helps them find their place in Finnish society. Integration is a two-way process that requires both migrants and the receiving country to adapt and evolve.

As immigration has increased, integration has become a vital part of a functional and stable society. At the Finnish Refugee Council all our work is done to achieve our vision – that refugees and migrants are equal, participating and engaged members of the society.

The Finnish Refugee Council supports migrants from every walk of life, whatever their reasons for coming to Finland are. We help our clients navigate the public service system, we educate them on Finnish culture and law, we strengthen their self-confidence and build their self-reliance.

Our work focuses on four main themes:

Supporting individuals

We help individuals find their place in society by arranging various peer support groups, providing different forms of individual consultation, as well as education and training.

Civil society organizations can play an important role in integration. Therefore, we educate and support civil society and strengthen refugees’ and migrants’ own associations.

Strengthening civil society

Building bridges

We mediate in conflicts in neighbourhoods, communities and the society at large. We build bridges between social groups and work towards a better discussion climate.

We support decision-makers and officials by supplying them with information and recommendations. We advocate for refugee and migrant rights to be applied in accordance with international law.

Promoting refugee and migrant rights