Domestic operations

Moving to a new country is always challenging, but can be particularly so when you have a difficult past.

The Finnish Refugee Council supports refugees and migrants in finding their place in the Finnish society as its equal members. We acknowledge that integration is a two-way process requiring flexibility and adaptability on both the migrants’ and the receiving society’s behalf.

As migration increases, two-way integration becomes a crucial part of a functional and stable societies. Our vision of refugees and migrants as equal, participating and engaged members of their society is present in all our activities, both domestically and internationally.

In Finland, the FRC’s operations focus on developing structural solutions to facilitate effective integration, and supporting migrants and refugees’ active social engagement.

Our work focuses on four main themes:

Support for individuals and families

We offer individual counselling and consultation to support especially vulnerable migrants in finding their place in the Finnish society, and provide support to migrant families with children in navigating the Finnish public service system.

Civil society organizations can play an important role in integration. We educate and support other civil society organisations, with a particular focus on strengthening multicultural and ethnic minorities’ associations.

Strengthening civil society

Building bridges

We mediate conflicts in neighbourhoods, communities and the society at large. We build bridges between demographic groups and work towards an inclusive public sphere that is conducive to dialogue.

We provide decision-makers and officials with accurate information and appropriate recommendations. We advocate for refugee and migrant rights to be secured in national legislation in accordance with international law.

Promoting refugee and migrant rights